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Simple Lean

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Simple Lean
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06 June 2018


12:00 pm - 01:00 pm



Overview of presentation

Simple Lean

Lean is a fabulous method to simplify and streamline all kinds of work processes. Yet many have noted that Lean is rarely applied correctly. Adopters commonly get obsessed with the Lean “tools” and some get lost in the theory. One innovative manufacturer has found a simpler way to apply Lean and his methods are being adopted worldwide.  Paul Akers’ 2 Second Lean book and his hundreds of YouTube videos show that a simpler version of Lean is possible. This presentation will introduce you to Paul’s thinking and explain how his model has informed the work – and life – of the presenter.

Presenter: Tony Heath

Tony Heath is a certified Lean improvement consultant and a six sigma black belt for Optum, a business of UnitedHealth Group. He has worked leading QI within the insurance industry for 18 years. He holds a PhD in Family Therapy from Purdue University and most of an MBA from Benedictine University. He is a Certified Professional in HealthCare Quality and is the past President of the Illinois Association for Healthcare Quality. Previously he was a behavioral scientist in a family practice residency, a college professor, a Best Buy salesperson, and a landscape worker. Tony is married to Nancy (36 years) and has two adult sons. He enjoys native gardening, making great coffee, driving his GTI, and drinking great beer. He is a Lean fixer of everything broken. His motto is Better, better, better.

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